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Congratulations! Smiling gold star to you! You found Daiso – the Japanese shopping wonderland. Get ready to shake up your everyday life with splashes of colour and fun, mix in clever solutions you never knew you needed, and add a twist of sweet Japanesey kawaii on the side! Daiso brings you fun-meets-functional lifestyle solutions all the way from Japan, stocking a huge range of quality finds from silicon cookware to beautiful tableware, all the beauty products you’ll ever need (a WALL of false eyelashes!), snackfoods, a super kawaii rainbow of stationery like you’ve never seen and that’s not even skimming the surface!

Did we mention that nearly every item available in store is just AU$2.80 ?! Yes, even our famous packs of dried mango, and the caramel corn … and the smiling sponges!
Why visit us? Because the treasure trove of unique and clever products will bring a little bit of joy into your every day. But don’t just take our word for it –see what the rest of the Daiso tribe has to say!
Curious?Join the Daiso Tribe - visit us in one of our 35 wonderland’s across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and let us share the happy with you!
Team Daiso

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