Ringwood Urban Art Tour

  • 12pm Friday 25 October & 11am Sunday 17 November
  • Town Square

You're invited to look at Ringwood through different eyes. Even those who have lived or live here will see things they’ve never seen before!

There are many hidden art works and surprises waiting to be discovered, with some of these creations officially commissioned by Eastland and Maroondah City Council, while others are less official but nothing short of amazing.


Ringwood Urban Art Tour is a 90 minute tour guided by Richard Holt whose passion for art launched Melbourne 's laneway and street art movement in the early 90’s, which has now led to the city being named one of the street art capitals of the world.


Tour Dates:

Friday October 25, 12pm - 1:30pm  

Sunday November 17, 11am - 12:30pm



$10 per person, includes guided tour and complimentary coffee


Book now via the link above.