Harveast - Sage Hotel presents Farmhouse Direct Expo

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  • Best Parking is Gate 6

Sage Hotel presents the Farmhouse Direct expo where you can learn about our local farmers, producers and wineries and how to support them via the Farmhouse Direct platform. Visit the pop up stall inside the Sage lobby and get a taste of what's on offer from this remarkable platform connecting crates and plates across the country.

Date: Sunday 25 March
Time: 2pm - 6pm
Location: Sage Hotel, Level 5 (access from Maroondah Highway)


Stall holders include:


Wahrina Pistachios

A family run business located in Central Victoria with a mission to produce the best quality nuts with minimal processing, in order to retain as much inherent goodness and flavour as possible. Fresh pistachios are sold for two weeks of the year usually around March, with the remainder of the annual harvest naturally sun-dried and packaged for your enjoyment year round. Hailed as a superfood of the future, pistachio nuts are a sustainable food source with low water requirements, minimal carbon footprint and undeniable health benefits.


Kakadu Plum

Kakadu Plum Co

Kakadu Plum, or Gubinge, is our native Australian superfood that has long been considered a gift of the Dreamtime. For centuries, there has been belief that Kakadu Plum and other native foods can be medicine for many people. Celebrating Indigenous culture through food, Kakadu Plum continue to expand their range with Wattleseed, lemon myrtle and a collection of bush teas, including Gulbarn Tea.



Alg Seaweed

Australia’s newest and fastest growing seaweed brand. 100% all natural and a delicious addition to many dishes with numerous health benefits. Seaweed is a nutrient powerhouse providing our bodies with many macro and micronutrients; it’s also Australian made and owned. High in iodine, it assists in regulating hormones, which affect organ function including regulating metabolism and foetal brain development during pregnancy. Alg Seaweed is a sprinkle, so you can add it into your salads, on meats, eggs, avocado and fish. Incorporating alg into dishes can boost overall health and nutrition in one’s diet and it also supports a clean ocean environment. By harvesting a noxious algae species known as Wakame, alg Seaweed is protecting our ocean and its native species from the threats of seaweed surplus. So, not only does alg bring delectable new flavours that reinvigorate your meals, the company is helping to maintain balance in our ocean – it’s no wonder alg Seaweed is turning taste buds!

plus many more to be announced.

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