Café, Bakery, Sweets

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  • Opening hours
    9am - 5.30pm
    9am - 9pm
    9am - 9pm
    9am - 5pm
    10am - 5pm
    9am - 5.30pm
    9am - 5.30pm
  • (03) 9870 2771
  • Level 2, Shop 2108
  • Best entrance is South Entry Z
  • Accepts Eastland Gift Cards

Laurent Bakery is a private family-owned company committed to producing affordable top quality bread and baked goods in the French tradition. Its products are available in the company’s own retail stores, for wholesale and food service nationally and internationally.

 Laurent has been a leader in its field since the first store opened in 1993, in a new commercial and residential development in Melbourne’s fashionable Toorak Road. That first store set the tone for the company’s future. It represented tradition, innovation and popular appeal.

Twenty years later, Laurent products are known everywhere. The stores grew, now there is 16 of them in Melbourne, Clayton and more recently the extraordinary new venture in Braeside. Laurent has grown into a major bakery company.

The retail stores are the places where the company comes face-to-face with its consumers, where their response to new products can be observed, and their loyalty appreciated.