Golden Duck by Secret Kitchen

Chinese, Fish

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  • Opening hours
    11am - 10pm
    11am - 11pm
    10am - 11pm
    10am - 10pm
    11am - 10pm
    11am - 10pm
    11am - 10pm
  • (03) 9088 3959
  • Level 3, Shop R01
  • Best entrance is South Entry Z

Focusing on the Group's core values of quality and authenticity, Golden Duck introduces their signature Peking duck to the public. Locally sourced and handpicked, these ducks are marinated in carefully selected herbs and spices before being roasted to golden perfection, true to the brand's namesake.

Due to the time and expertise involved in preparing the signature Peking ducks, Golden Duck only roasts 30 ducks per day - and only 29 ducks will be available for sale. This is because the first duck will always be tasted by the chefs to ensure they meet Golden Duck's extremely high standards; the meat must be fatty and succulent while the skin needs to be beautifully crispy before they are served to the customer. Golden Duck's ultimate philosophy revolves around two main elements: sharing delicious Asian fare with their customers and ensuring customers’ palates are well and truly satisfied.