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It began in 2004, when Sheryl decided to go on a trip to New York. She spent her time taking in the usual sights – like Central Park and the Statue of Liberty. Then, on a whim, she decided to visit a cupcake bakery she’d read about in her guidebook.The infamous Magnolia Bakery. She walked inside, ordered one of their sweet vanilla cupcakes and took her first bite. In that moment – with a mouthful of the fluffy buttercream frosting – her passion was born.

The minute she got home, Sheryl started baking. Any chance she got, she was in the kitchen – experimenting with different recipes and techniques, striving for the perfect taste, texture and design.
Her friends and family were her guinea pigs (no complaints from them, of course). Every time she carried a box of her cupcakes into a friend’s house, their faces lit up. It was a special treat for them. And an absolute joy for her.

As word spread to friends that she wanted to bake cupcakes for a living, she started to receive requests for parties and functions. Requests turned in to orders. And orders turned into an online business – . But demand eventually outgrew what she could supply from her home kitchen. So in 2010, together with her partner, Thin Neu, they opened up their first store in Hawthorn. It was a dream come true.

These days, Thin and Sheryl are working together with a growing team of young, passionate and dedicated staff to create a business that is not only one of the most awesome places to work in but we’re constantly focusing on giving each and every customer a remarkable experience. The pastry chefs are constantly innovating and creating new flavours, releasing them on “Surprise Flavour Fridays” and the other staff assisting with building a brand that isn’t just about cupcakes but the whole experience. 

We invite you all to come on this journey with us whether it is a coffee or freshly baked cupcake you enjoy, seeing the photos we post up or participating in one of our cupcake workshops. Without the support we’ve received from the very start, our dream would not have hatched.

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