Time for a Spring Clean

Published on 29 August 2017

Spring time is upon us, the season of new beginnings. And a new beginning always starts best with a clean slate. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying a good spring clean leaves you in a better mood and feeling organized and motivated to tackle life.

So we’ve put together tips and tricks to help you approach refreshing your space and see you achieve a satisfying spring clean. Let’s begin!

1. Make a plan

To begin, make a realistic plan. Mapping out your space, room by room, will help when it feels overwhelming. And if you take it one task at a time, you’ll get to experience the satisfying sense of being finished frequently, which can help keep your momentum up.

2. Start with de-cluttering

Before you get into wiping, washing and scrubbing, start by de-cluttering. We all have things we don’t need, taking up space we don’t have. In the words of tidying up master Marie Kondo, we should only have possessions that ‘spark joy.’ You might be surprised by how you feel after you de-clutter physically - they say you de-clutter mentally too.

3. Remember to take it slow

Don’t rush. We know you know, but it’s not a race. The time you spend doing a task thoroughly now will be your own reward down the track. Take it one room at a time, one task at a time and give yourself adequate time to complete.

4. Play some tunes, or try a podcast

We get it, there’s only so many times you can dust, vacuum and wash with a hint of enthusiasm, so why not introduce some music? It can boost your mood and help the cleaning feel more fun. Or if you’re more into podcasts, learn while you’re on the go. You might be surprised but getting into a distractingly good podcast may mean three rooms have been vacuumed, mopped and walls wiped down and you’ve learned about Self-Made Success from Tony Robbins. Win, win.

5. Be environmentally friendly

Choosing cleaning products can be hard and lots of household cleaners can have harmful, toxic ingredients. Keeping your home healthy, especially if you have young kids running around, is important. Be sure to check the ingredients in your cleaning products and avoid products with strong fragrances. Look for cleaners that state they are non-toxic and have plant-based ingredients to help you stay green when you clean.


We’ve rounded up some spring cleaning essentials, to help you on your way.