Father's Day Dining Guide

Published on 22 August 2018

There are as many kinds of Dad as there are Fathers - roughly four billion of them. And it can be hard to cater to all their tastes. To help make things more straightforward when you’re celebrating Father’s Day this year, we’ve broken Dads down into eight distinct categories to help pick the restaurant that suits him.

The sweet-toothed dad

Some blokes are suckers for all things sugary. If your dad is one of him, go straight to Lavezzi Gelateria, the Ringwood outpost of a traditional Italian ice-creamery that’s been running since 1870. Since this is his day, let the man have a gelato-filled cannoli for breakfast - and whatever else he desires. Another decadent dish bound to put a smile on dad’s face right off the bat is The Pancake Parlour’s Country Breakfast, featuring syrup-drenched pancakes and crispy bacon.

The MAMIL dad

By midday Sunday, the middle-aged man in Lycra is usually pretty hungry. He’s already cycled 150km, washed off his gear, and now he’s ready for something healthy - but hearty. Jimmy Grants is your go-to. Spoil your super-fit father to a guilt-free grain salad and get him a freshly carved lamb souva too. Chances are he’ll forget his fitness regimen for a minute.

The adventurous dad

Hot tip - when it comes to food trends, Malaysian is the Next Big Thing. For the kind of dad who wants to try something new, take him to Ang Ang, where he can sample from the many delights of hawker cuisine, inspired by the street vendors of Penang and KL. If dad considers himself a bit of a James Bond figure, treat him to a martini at the High and Dry Bar within the shopping-adjacent Sage Hotel.

The well-travelled dad

Your dad’s been to Napoli, sure. And he’s eaten pizza on Via Tribunali, blah blah blah. But this time, you can do him one better: Johnny Di Francesco’s Margherita Verace will be better than anything he’s had in Italy because 400 Gradi has won the award for World’s Best Pizza.

The over-generous dad

There are some fathers you just can’t take out to dinner without their sneaking off and picking up the bill. For dads who value plenty, there’s nothing like Thai Alley’s Bangkok-inspired feast including curry puffs and caramelised pork to drool over. Just be sure to get to the EFTPOS before he does.

The hipster dad

Hipsters eat Huxtaburger. It’s a thing. They’re handmade, delicious, and easy on the eye - Melbourne’s original cult burger. If your dad’s the tattooed kind, let him ride his fixie to Town Square and give him a Huxtaburger Classic with a can of Furphy. Guaranteed he’ll be a happy, happy hipster.

The old-fashioned dad

Some dads, in their heart of hearts, just crave meat and vegetables. For the father who’s looking for a time-honoured family meal, Hunter & Barrel is just the ticket. Together, you’ll share some rustic slow-cooked meats, fresh salads and chargrilled seasonal vegetables. Precisely what a trad dad wants. We recommend rounding out the evening at The Cellar Door with a glass of classic Yarra Valley cabernet or a nip of whisky from Scotland’s only Aussie-run distillery.


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