Christmas Masterclass: Gift wrapping 101

Published on 07 December 2017

When it comes to Christmas gifts, first impressions count. That’s why it’s so important that your thoughtful Christmas gifts for friends and family this year are wrapped with care and presented beautifully.

Gift wrapping is an art form, and Australian stylist Nat Turnbull is a master of the craft. But while gift wrapping comes easily to Nat, for some of us it isn’t so simple. In our video below, we asked her to share some easy-to-remember tips for great gift wrapping.

Here are Nat’s key tips from the video:

1. Pick a theme

“When working with a theme for wrapping, you can go with a brown, craft, quite natural look, or you could go with something quite festive [with] lots of red and gold, those kinds of colours,” says Nat.

“Last year with my wrapping I went for that more natural, craft paper look, and I used some stamps and some cut-out shapes … But this year, I wanted to try something a little different.”

To achieve a classic gift wrapping style, you’ll need wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and your choice of decoration – greenery, ribbon and/or tags. For a personal touch, make your own paper with brown paper and festive rubber stamps.

2. Wrap it tight

“Good wrapping starts with really great wrapping paper. Working with something that’s a bit thicker is always a lot easier. And working with a good pair of scissors and some good tape options is great too,” Nat says.

Use a bone folder to get those crisp folds – you can get one at art and craft stores like [retailer] or [retailer] – and double sided tape for a clean look.

3. Add a festive touch

“Working with non-conventional Christmassy things is always great,” says Nat. She suggests thoughtful festive features like “beautiful ribbon, maybe a little bit of a bauble or some colourful paper [for] a nice festive touch without it being too Christmassy.”

You can pick up ribbon and baubles from Better Home and Polka Dot and paper from Card and Caboodle.

4. Write a thoughtful message

“The most thoughtful cards are the most personalised. Just taking a little bit of time to think about what you want to write is always best.

“Wrapping should be fun. Sometimes people do find it a bit stressful, but just experiment and play – you can always try again if it doesn’t work out the first time.”

Find some beautiful cards at Card and Caboodle and Nextra Newsagency.

Stay tuned to our blog for more Christmas Masterclasses. If you’d prefer a bit more help, drop by our Elf Help gift wrapping station on Level 2 near Smiggle until Christmas Eve, where you can donate a gold coin to Vision Australia and have your gift wrapped by our friendly volunteers.