Shopping Survival Tips with I Heart Bargains

Published on 21 December 2017

If you're rising early for the Boxing Day sales, Chelsea Thomas from I Heart Bargains has some great tips to help you plan the day, find what you need, and manage your budget.

It’s not too early for a bargain hunter like me to be thinking Boxing Day sales. I have it marked on my calendar (like my kids’ birthdays!) and typically have a pretty low- key Christmas night so I can battle it out the following day, amongst the god-zillion others that just love to bag a bargain.

This year I’ll be rising early to shop the sales at Eastland Shopping Centre. And things are getting serious because I’ll be there from 7am on 26th December to show you all the deals of the day.

Here’s some fast tips on getting all the good deals on the day!

1. What to Wear

This may sound like an obvious tip. Be comfortable. Wear flat shoes. Be dressed for the long haul. It’s a big day and can get pretty crowded. I always opt for a maxi style dress so if the change rooms are overflowing you can simply throw some items over your head to make the decision. If you’re shoe shopping, wear shoes with no laces so you can save time and energy. Also, a cross body bag works wonders when your arms are full of shopping bags.

Glassons ca-ute!

2. Know Thy Limits

Have a list in mind of what you need to buy. This will mean you have a focus for your shopping experience and you’re not wandering aimlessly and not finding anything you like (there’s nothing worse!). Boxing Day equals major sales but ensure you have a budget in mind to keep purchases in perspective.

3. Start early

Leave home with plenty of time to score a good park and grab a coffee. Eastland opens at 7am so get an early night (if you can) on Christmas night, and get up early to get your hands on the best bargains. Many of the one-off, or percentage off sale items can sell out fast so be prepared. 

Jumpsuit available at Sportsgirl

4. Take a calculator

I know it sounds geeky to carry a calculator, but how many times do brands promote a ‘40% off sale’ and the prices aren’t marked? Take a calculator (or use your mobile) to make your decision process faster. Also, before you’ve stepped foot into a store, decide what a ‘bargain price’ looks like for your sort of budget. If the tag is way over that expectation, walk away.

Hair tie from Seed

5. Location, location

Know where your fave stores are located! Try to park closest to them. Eastland is a massive place so be sure to check out the offers on their website on Christmas Day to see where’ll you be heading first. I’m definitely visiting Bonds, Bardot, H&M and Wittner because a little birdy has told me their percentage off instore and there’s going to be some serious bargains on sale at those brands.

Top from Decjuba and bag from Seed.

We'll be open on Boxing Day from 7am - 9pm. Check out all our Boxing Day offers from 5:30pm on Christmas Eve.