5 Tips for Great Seafood

Published on 31 October 2017

An Aussie Christmas is all about sunshine, getting outdoors with friends and family, and enjoying something special at lunch. Why not swap out the glazed ham or roast turkey for seafood this year? It’s fresh, quick to prepare and there’s something for everyone. Here are our top tips for great seafood, every time.

1. Talk to your fishmonger

When it comes to seafood, a great dish starts with some great advice. And for great advice, go to a professional. Make friends with your fishmonger and get the inside scoop on what’s fresh and in season, what they think is great value, and what to look for when buying fish.

2. Be organised

Fish and seafood go from perfect to overcooked in the blink of an eye. It’s best to have everything else, right down to the garnish, ready to go before you start to cook. It will also need some undivided attention so don’t multitask.

3. Think hot and fast

While there are exceptions, most seafood needs to be cooked quickly and with plenty of heat to stop it from stewing and getting tough. When using the BBQ, oil the fish not the grill to avoid too much smoke. Take your fish and seafood off the heat a little before you think it’s ready – it will keep cooking with the residual heat from the grill. If you wait until you think it’s cooked, it’ll be overdone by the time it gets to the table.

4. Don’t be afraid of big flavour

Chilli, herbs, lots of citrus. Fish and seafood can take big flavour. The trick to getting it right is keeping it simple and balanced. Pick just a few flavours – something aromatic, something acidic, something savoury, and something with a little punch. Think oregano, lemon, garlic oil and chilli. Simple.

5. Mix it up, try something new

Don’t just buy the same old thing. The key to not only tasty but sustainable seafood is a varied approach. Your fishmonger can suggest things to try and how to cook them. Don’t be afraid of whole fish! They are perfect for the barbecue and can be a high impact addition to Christmas lunch. Stuff with fresh herbs and sliced lemon, wrap in aluminium foil and stick straight on the grill. You’ll have fragrant, flakey, succulent fish in no time.

Make sure to stop in at Eastland for a chat with our resident seafood experts at Fish Pier, Coles and Woolworths. They’ll tell you what’s great and when to order for your Christmas lunch.