Vic Bag Ban

Published on 21 October 2019

Victorians have been using over 1 billion plastic shopping bags every year. The majority of these bags end up in landfill and around 10 million end up as litter, polluting our environment and endangering our wildlife.

In an effort to reduce the impacts of plastic pollution, the Victorian Government will implement a state-wide ban on lightweight plastic shopping bags, starting Friday 1st November 2019.

This ban applies to all retailers including supermarkets, greengrocers, bakeries, pharmacies, fashion retail, restaurants, cafes, food outlets and all other retailer categories.

For further resources about the ban, please visit:

What does this mean for Eastland?

From 1 November 2019, Eastland retailers will stop using lightweight plastic shopping bags. Eastland encourages customers to bring a reusable bag each time you visit, however many retailers will offer alternative bag options, including:

  • Paper or cardboard bags
  • Cloth, jute or hessian bags
  • Non-woven reusable bags
  • Heavyweight reusable plastic bags

How is Eastland supporting this initiative?

To support the Vic Bag Ban government initiative, Eastland has teamed up with local artist, Pigeon Gillian to create two stylish 100% recycled polypropylene, reusable shopping bag designs, available from 1 November.



Medium Sized Tote Bag:  $1
Extra Large Tote Bag:  $2

All funds raised from this initiative will be donated to our charity partner The Salvation Army.


Where to pick up your reusable bag

Green Bag Initiative Desk:

Located on Level 2, outside YD

Friday 1st November, 9am to 8pm

Thursday 14th November, 9am to 8pm

Thursday 29th November, 9am to 10pm


Guest Service Desks:

Located: Level B1 next to valet and Level 2 next to H&M

Available from Saturday 2nd November until stocks lasts.

About Local Bag Artist, Pigeon Gillian

Local artist Pigeon Gillian, or better known to family and friends, Gillian Nix is a Scottish born artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia.
She lives in the Eastern suburbs amongst the gum trees, kookaburras and parrots with her partner, two young children and beautiful beagle. 

Gillian studied Fine Art & Tapestry at Edinburgh College of Art, and since graduating travelled and lived in many exciting places, becoming an Art teacher and relocated to Oz. 

My love of lino relief printmaking started when I was studying to become an Art Teacher in Glasgow. The technique had me totally hooked from the first print I made (even though my first print was terrible!). The hypnotic carving, rhythmical process, rich history and importance of drawing are all really attractive to me.
Over the last 10 or so years, I have continued to work with lino printing and continue to be in love with it and the visual possibilities!

I seek inspiration from a wide range of sources, and in particular folk art, patterns, textures, storytelling, music, cinema and books that I read.

You can be assured that each print I create is made with love and care.