Want to finesse your skills in the kitchen? All you need is a few clever tricks up your sleeve!

This season, follow our guides to becoming a better baker, bartender and barbecue master. Plus, our recipe for chocolate and chipotle glazed pork ribs needs to be tasted to be fully appreciated!

Chocolate and chipotle glazed pork ribs

Chocolate is usually reserved for dessert, but it has its place in your main meal dishes, too. With such a bold and versatile flavour, chocolate can actually be the perfect pair with meat.

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10 Baking Hacks to Make You a Pro in the Kitchen

While you may be a pro at cooking up dinner every night, when it comes to baking the devil is in the details. But with some clever hacks up your sleeve, you can turn your flops into crowd favourites. Follow these handy hints the next time you bake.

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Tips For Making the Perfect Cocktail

Be it for a special occasion or to simply end your evening with something a little lavish, cocktails are the perfect celebratory drink. And while it’s easy to go all out and get complicated with your concoctions, it’s also possible to pare them back and shake up a simple, yet deliciously satisfying one yourself. Just follow these tricks for becoming a master bartender in the comfort of your own home.

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Weeknight Moroccan Lamb Cutlets

When the temperature starts to drop, hearty meals become the best go-to dish. This recipe for Moroccan lamb cutlets from Luke Mangan’s latest cookbook, Sharing Plates brings the whole family together over a classic cut with a delicious flavour burst of Moroccan spices.

It’s quick and easy, making it the perfect weeknight meal.

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