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Published on 01 May 2018

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation

At Eastland, we understand the power of a strong community, which is why we are a proud fundraiser and supporter of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation.

This remarkable national charity is committed to ensuring the protection and wellbeing of children by offering care and support for those who have witnessed or experienced serious violence, and to reducing the incidence of childhood bullying.

Our partnership with the Alannah & Madeline Foundation highlights the importance of family and children to the Eastland community. It echoes our wish to ensure that violence and bullying towards children have no place in our local community, nor anywhere else.

As such, we are dedicated to raising awareness of the honourable work of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation wherever we can. Since 2017 we have committed to donating all proceeds from a variety of centre events in support of the foundation’s prevention and care programs.

With your help, we can continue to support and protect our children from violence across a range of platforms including the digital world of cyber bullying and physical violence in homes and schools.

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Eastern Football League

At Eastland we strive to bring community members together through rewarding activities that the whole family can enjoy in a welcoming environment, which is why we are delighted to be a major sponsor of the Eastern Football League (EFL).

Grassroots sports clubs play a vital role in their local community. Not only do they help people stay fit and healthy and develop the sporting talents of individuals, they also give young people and their parents the opportunity to meet new friends from different backgrounds.

These clubs can also provide adults with the opportunity to share their talents and learn new skills, whether it be helping with coaching, administration, transport or sourcing sponsorship or funding. In other words, sports clubs like those in the EFL offer so much more than just the sporting activity they are involved with.

The EFL is the largest Australian Rules Football competition in the country, with an estimated 694,400 game attendees each year. Participating clubs provide a source of local pride, meaning and relevance, and Eastland is delighted to support them in enhancing the wellbeing of people across our region.

We are proud to support both the Footy EFL, comprising junior and senior football teams across the male and female competitions, and the senior women’s Netball EFL. Do join us on the field or the court soon.

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